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SpaceX Starship Timeline

Countdown to Mars landing goal

Humans on Mars

SpaceX's goal is to land two cargo and two crewed Starships on Mars in 2024.

Cargo landing on Mars


Two cargo Starships will be launched towards Mars to prove that Earth landing technologies also work on Mars.

First orbital launch


SpaceX will test Starship in Earth's upper atmosphere, to validate a heat shielding technology and to prove that second stages can also be safely landed and reused.

First stacking of Starship on top of Super Heavy

06 Aug 2021

For the first time, the full rocket system was stacked on the Boca Chica launchpad.

First Starship successfuly landing

05 May 2021

After 4 failed landing attempts, SpaceX successfuly landed Starship SN15.

Starship Mk1 test failure

20 Nov 2019

The first Starship prototype failed during a tank pressurization test. The team then decided to focus their efforts on the Mk3 prototype.

Starship Mk1 presentation

28 Sep 2019

SpaceX unveiled its first prototype of the Starship, with the goal of doing a 20km-high flight with it.

Starhopper 150m hop

27 Aug 2019

The Starhopper prototype made a 150 meters hop, allowing SpaceX to validate the engine control and landing algorithms.

Starship orbital prototypes construction starts

14 May 2019

SpaceX has started building two high fidelity Starship prototypes: one in Florida, one in Texas. The first team to reach orbit and come back on land is the winner.

First full-scale Raptor engine test

04 Feb 2019

The Raptor engine was tested at full power for the first time.

Starhopper construction starts

20 Dec 2018

SpaceX contracted a water tower company to rapidly assemble a working Starship prototype to test its Raptor engine in real flight conditions.

First Starship customer

17 Sep 2018

SpaceX announced its first crewed flight, targeting 2023 for a flight around the Moon. The crew will be composed of several artists lead by Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire.

Tooling for the rocket body delivered

09 Apr 2018

SpaceX received its first tool and started to manufacture carbon fiber tanks under a tent in Los Angeles. This tool was later scrapped because SpaceX chose to replace carbon fiber with stainless steel, a cheaper and more adapted material.

Project downscaled

29 Sep 2017

To make the project more sustainable by making the rocket pay for itself, SpaceX downscaled the size of the rocket from a 12 meters diameter to a 9 meters one.

Elon Musks reveals SpaceX's plan for Mars

28 Sep 2016

The Starship (known at the time as the "Interplanetary Transport System") was unveiled for the first time while setting the aspirational goal of launching human crew to Mars by 2024.

First rocket landing

22 Dec 2015

For the first time, SpaceX succeeds in landing the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket.

Raptor engine development starts


SpaceX begins to design a methalox engine more powerful and capable than the Merlin-1D engine of the Falcon 9.

Elon Musk's bet

April 2009

During an interview, Elon Musk made a bet that SpaceX would put a man on Mars by "2020 or 2025". Musk has continued to reiterate this rough timeframe since.

Falcon 1 achieves orbit

September 2008

On the fourth try, SpaceX finally succeeds in delivering a payload into Earth orbit.

SpaceX is founded


SpaceX is founded by tech entrepreneurs with the goal of providing cheaper access to space.