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Space Hulk Mod, my first successful code project

Space Hulk Mod, my first successful code project

In the depths of outer space, a huge block of vessels drifts in a vacuum. On board, the biggest threat in the history of mankind is being prepared. The Space Marines are responsible for cleaning the depths of the xeno abomination...

Back in 2010, this was my first coding project ever: to create a total conversion mode based on the Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn of War II game in order to reproduce the gameplay and feeling of the Space Hulk board game.

An ingame screenshot

It was a big success because it made it to top #2 on ModDb (and still is #6,000 of #31,000 7 years later), was translated in 4 languages (french, english, italian and german) and it was featured in articles in several gaming magazines. The latest version was downloaded 20,000 times.

An ingame screenshot of one of the maps

Another screenshot of one of the maps

It featured and demanded:

  • New gameplay and missions
  • New models from other modders
  • New maps
  • Communication and promotion in forums and different websites
  • LUA scripting
  • Translation work
  • Even the inclusion of a different soundtrack!

As a high school student it was an amazing project to work on and it was very rewarding. If you know the base game, here is a video of an in-dev multiplayer session that might interest you: