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The Adventure Review - Curse of Strahd

The Adventure Review - Curse of Strahd

The Adventure Review is a series of blog posts I make mainly for my future self, a summary of the D&D modules I game mastered to put all those great memories into words. However if they can be useful to you too, it’s even better! ⚠️ There are heavy spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

The adventuring party:

  • Nyx Folkore (Mel), a gnome magician
  • Selena, a human bard
  • Darwin, a human Paladin
  • Eskel, a human monk

What we loved the most:

  • The Villain, with a capital V. What a character! Strahd is one of those bad guys your players will truly hate
  • The setting, especially the Vistani and the Dark Powers
  • The Tarokka card reading
  • The town of Vallaki and all its subplots
  • The Wizards of Wine, and the Keeper of the Feather
  • The time pressure that I induced at the end of the campaign (they had 3 days to find the remaining 2 artifacts before Strahd's wedding with Ireena)
  • The final fight with Strahd, from the top of Castle Ravenloft to the catacombs.

The moments we'll always remember

  • The Monk dying at Vallaki's main square and coming back from the dead mere minutes later, with dark blood and a black spot in his eyes
  • An encouter with Strahd with three duplicates of a the bard, bringing fear, distrust and pure chaos to the party. More details here: The most terrorizing Strahd encounter I pulled off yet.
  • When a Dark Power called Darkness succeeded in turning our mage to the dark side. The others fought her in the Amber Temple to prevent this outcome, but she misty-stepped to break the Dark Power’s sarcophagus
  • How animate object on 10 marbles covered in holy water can do 100HP of damage in one turn to a Vampire

What was a bit less fun/didn’t stuck as a vivid memory:

  • The werewolf plotline

What I learnt as a GM with this module:

Will I replay it in the future?

I WANT TO. It was the best campaign I ever ran, and it has a lot of replay potential. It’s not a module I would run for first time players but otherwise I WANT to run it again.

What whould I change?

Incorporate even more stuff from Reddit/other sources. Run the Interactive Tome of Strahd. Use the Into the Mists soundtrack from Travis Savoie. But most of all: make Strahd a female (might do a post about it one about how it went if I come to it).

The resources I used:

All the posts in this series: